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Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Hospital received its second accreditation from JCI.

Accreditation, by definition,  is the inspection and evaluation of all activities of an institution by an independent board following which the compatibility of the institution with international standards is certified . JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisation) , which places special emphasis on the quality of patient services and patient safety, is an accreditation institution functioning since 1951. The JCI, ( Joint Commission International) a division of the institution executes its international accreditation studies in more than 30 countries. The most significant purpose of JCI accreditation is that it gives priority to factors such as patient satisfaction , service quality etc., rather than the institution itself. We also  persistently strive to implement this philosophy in our institution. 

Our faculty and dental hospital has undergone a successful visitation and received the first accreditation by JCI in May 2009, following a long period of hard work. Starting from this date, our hospital has continued the application and monitorization of approximately  1500 rules of JCI accreditation. 

During the visitation process, many criteria such as the administration of personnel, building infrastructure, adequecy of health equipment, emergency preparations, patient records and safety measures, information and education of the patient and relatives, writing medications and prescriptions, preservation of personal rights and confidentiality, prevention and recording of possible risks in advance, monitorization  of infection control and sterilization, admission procedures and education of personnel, execution of peace and safety and evacuation of the building in case of natural disasters, were meticulously  evaluated by the visitors and the results were presented to the general administration of JCI in the USA. Our certificate approved by the Board revalued our institution who always sustained its goals at a high standard.

The JCI institution decides the continuation of the certificate every 3 years by a new visitation. Our faculty has undergone a new visitation  and inspection in May 2012 in terms of approximately 1500 standards and repeated its accreditation.
The following statement in the approval letter sent by the JCI has rendered all of us happy and  filled us with pride on behalf of our country:

“The citizens of Turkey should be proud that Yeditepe University, faculty of Dentistry is focusing on this most challenging goal to continuously raise quality to higher levels. We congratulate and thank everyone Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry for your commitment to quality improvement and patient safety.”

Therefore; Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Hospital has become the first and only dental hospital in the world , accredited twice by JCI.
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