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1. ISO-9001 ( International Standards Organization)

  • It is an understanding which is patient-centered, gives importance to the participation of employees with an adoption of process approach, whose goal is continuous development, which does not divert from realistic and ethical approaches in decision making processes and considers mutual benefit in all procuring and share-holder relationships.
  • Provides organized and systematic working conditions within the institution
  • Forms the necessary working conditions to provide continuity and enhancement of the aimed quality.
  • Provides the observability of activities and reachibility of past studies.
  • Provides the opportunity to perform perfect service by realizing prerequisites such as quality plans, process control, examination, experimentation , calibration etc.
  • Provides saving time and cost.
  • Reduces patient complaints to a minimum.
  • Increases profit and producibility
  • Provides an effective management

JCI ( Joint Commision International)


The purpose of this accreditation for which our hospital applied voluntarily is the granting of a compliance certificate indicating that the institution possesses the international health management standards and aims to promote its development on a continuing basis.


  • Quality development
  • Decrease of expenditure
  • Enhancement of producibility
  • Increase of institutional credibility and strengthening the image
  • Development of health services management
  • Provision of education
  • Provision of increase in work satisfaction
  • Provision of impartial assessment and evaluation


3. ADEE ( Association of Dental Education in Europe)


Our faculty has been site visited by this institution on Jan 16, 2008 and it has been certified that education at our faculty is at European standards.

The aim of Accreditation of Dental Education in Europe is the attainment of highest standards in dental education, development of all application and inspection methods, provision of academic personell and students to participate in “ Exchange program” and measurement of benefits acquired from the process.

4. European Federation of Periodontology
This is the accreditation we have received on Nov 2, 2005 from post-graduate education.
The aim of the federation is to enhance periodontal health in Europe, to develop periodontology education, increase periodontal education to the highest level and provision of unity and collaboration between countries. European Federation of Periodontology founded in 1991 comprises Austria, Belgium, Switzerland,the Czech Republic, Germanyi Denmark, Spain, France, Greecee, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Prtugal, Poland, Finland, Slovenia, the Great Britain, Norway and Sweden.

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